About Us

IDTECH Academy is one of Azerbaijan’s leading providers of IT and Business related trainings for beginners and professionals. IDTECH Academy deliver courses in Programming, IT, Graphic Design, Cyber Security, and Project Management.

Our mission is to train our students for international qualifications (Microsoft, CISCO, CompTIA, etc.) and thereby our graduates are successfully employed in their chosen career areas in Azerbaijan and throughout the world. We make educational opportunities better visible to learners, teachers, employers, career advisors, etc.

We always work on giving you choice and flexibility to suit your time, budget, and level of expertise. We offer reasonable prices and our trainings are provided in a classroom format and instructor-led online. The class size is no more than seven people to ensure that you receive the best result possible from each session.

Our teachers

Seize Opportunities and Succeed

Expert trainers with extensive professional background

Our teachers use their expertise and up-to-date knowledge to develop effective teaching methods. By developing a curriculum, we focus on your career

Competitive quality of the training programs

Unleash your potential with our cutting-edge IT academy training programs. Gain industry skills, hands-on experience, and professional certifications for a competitive edge in the digital world. Start your path to success today

Weekend, evening, and daytime classes

Enjoy not only advanced technologies, interactive seminars, but also unforgettable holidays. Take your student life to the next level with the most innovative and outrageous parties

Small class size

Transform the learning environment with cozy, technology-enabled classrooms at our IT academy. Unleash personalized learning by promoting collaboration and innovation. Succeed comfortably

Affordable prices

Affordable IT training without sacrificing quality. Unleash your potential at affordable prices

Convenient location

Superb location: Our IT academy is strategically located in the heart of the city for easy access to transportation, vibrant technology hubs and networking opportunities. Maximize your learning experience with our convenient location

Our clients & partners